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Amani - Peace for Democratic Republic of Congo

Welcome to the web site for the United Nations Association of the Democratic Republic of Congo (UNA-DRC). UNA-DRC is dedicated to helping people throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by promoting peace, human rights, health, and sustainable development.

Through courses, workshops, literature, activities, and other events, (including UN Models with university students), the people of DRC may build awareness of peace, human rights, health, and the environment.

Let there be peace, amani, in the Democractic Republic of Congo.

In the Congo, UNA-DRC is known as ANU-RDC (Association pour les Nations Unies de la RDC), thus the reason our logo and web site uses both acronyms.



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Please read a letter from the Congolese Health Department to UNA-DRC: Click to download French version.


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